01/09/2016 - Newsletter with Annual Accounts

September 2016 Newsletter with Annual Accounts.

SID comes to Gravelye Lane Lindfield


West Sussex County Council Highways kindly assisted the Parish Council in placing a Speed Activated Sign (SID) at Gravelye Lane, Lindfield. The temporary use of the sign has provided useful data, which the Parish Council will be able to use in supporting the installation of a more permanent speed calming measure. Gravleye Lane has a 30mph speed limit. The data collected shows that over the two-week period there was an average 52.75% violation of the speed limit.


Worryingly that means that more than half of motorists did not adhere to the speed limit. A staggering total of 21,647 vehicles used the route during the period 15th June to 30th June. The lowest speed recorded was 22mph and the highest recorded speeds were 68 mph and 72mph. The vehicles travelling at higher speeds were primarily cars and vans, with trucks adhering more closely to the speed limit. Residents travelling along this route should be mindful that there is a speed limit on this particular road and that it is there for the safety of everyone.




Bus Services


Timetables for bus services in the parish may be found at


Please note that travel information can also be found at Click on bus and coach travel for timetables.




Lindfield Rural Parish Council Allotments


The Council are pleased to inform that the waiting list for allotments is now open and that applications are welcome from both within and outside the parish. Please contact Cllr. John Dumbleton (482633) or the Parish Office (831499) if you are interested.


The Council is planning to provide allotments at Scaynes Hill and it is hoped these will be ready by the new year. It is expected that a number of plot holders will move from the Gravelye Lane allotments to Scaynes Hill, so spaces will be available at both allotment sites. Applications for plots are open to all.







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