24/05/2017 - Newsletter with Chairman's Report

June 2017 Newsletter with Chairman's Report


This report attempts to highlight the important issues that have impacted on the Parish over the past year.


1) Last year there was some euphoria when the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) was completed and accepted by the community (Referendum) and we had subsequently some successes with the rejection of two important planning applications. However, I regret that this was not to last as a further application by the developer (Taylor Wimpey) for 130 dwellings was recently accepted by Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC). The Wates development (Walstead) appeal is to be viewed in May. Additionally, two medium sized applications (50 homes approximately) have been submitted, one of which was withdrawn for the present (site opposite Haywards Heath Golf Club) due to traffic problems while the development on Anchor Hill, Scaynes Hill was accepted by MSDC. There has been a feeling of great disappointment that scant regard had been taken of the wishes within the community with regard to the NP. It was particularly frustrating as so many residents spent a considerable amount of their valuable time over a 3-year period in constructing the Plan; we await developments.


2) The Parish Council viewed 87 planning applications, most of which were acceptable to the community.


3) The residents of Scaynes Hill have waited a considerable amount of time for their own allotments and I am pleased to announce that the Parish Council now is the owner of a parcel of land in Clearwater Lane for this purpose. We can now proceed to organise the site and discuss with residents a framework to proceed with the organisation of the allotment gardens; over 15 residents so far have registered their interest in renting a plot.


4) Other main features of the year were as follows.


a. Burial Ground - The cemetery continues to provide funds for the community and the Chapel and Lodge are let also providing extra funds. We have continued to space plan the cemetery and an investigation is on-going to establish whether some of the older vacant purchased plots are still required. Additionally, the Council is in the process of ‘electronically mapping’ the whole cemetery.


b. The Scaynes Hill Common and Anchor Pond continue to be maintained as a result of advice from local environmental groups. Security on the Common is to be upgraded in due course.


c. Scaynes Hill playing Fields – After receiving several complaints concerning noise levels with regards to the basketball/netball facility, the Parish Council agreed in Council to remove this activity. The Council is now considering further schemes to enhance the activities available to residents.


d. Gravelye Lane allotments continue to flourish thanks to the continued support from a small band of volunteers who maintain the area. I would like to welcome back Colin Cheney, who has agreed to continue in the role of Allotment Supervisor. Rose Mortensen was awarded the Allotment Cup this year - congratulations Rose.


e. MSDC has extended the number of “dog bins” in the District and the Parish Council has been able to increase the number within the Parish. The new locations can be viewed at the Parish Office.


f. Upgrading of Parish Street lighting – LED lights were installed in Croxton Lane, Lindfield and we have received excellent reports concerning their effectiveness and their energy efficiency. Council is to propose a further tranche of upgrades in due course.


5) As residents have probably noted, the Parish Council continues to maintain their precept (Council Tax) at the same level as preceding years


6) The Parish Council continues to support local charities, the list of which is held by the Clerk.


7) Finally, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all my fellow Councillors, Vera, Sarah, Irene and Lin Stockwell for their substantial support over the past year. However, I would like to especially thank Christine Field (our WSCC representative) who is leaving us in May. We wish her all the best for the future.


John Dumbleton



Lindfield Rural Parish Council Allotments

The Council are pleased to inform that the waiting list for allotments is now open and that applications are welcome from both within and outside the parish. Please contact Cllr. John Dumbleton (482633) or the Parish Office (831499) if you are interested.



Section 106 – Support for local Amenities

It was highlighted at the recent annual Parish Meeting that, due to recent and proposed building developments, funds were potentially available for providing addition amenities in Lindfield Rural Parish. Suggestions are welcome from all our parishioners. Grants will normally be for capital projects and the sustainability of the investment should be considered when proposing a project.


Support for the provision of a cycle route between the village and Oathall College has been suggested. It may be possible to work in conjunction with Mid Sussex District Council and West Sussex County Council to jointly investigate the viability of a cycle route. Something that has been required for so many years to enable our children to cycle safely to school.


When putting forward your proposals please consider who the project will benefit, how the facility will be managed and maintained etc.



Police Report at Annual Parish Meeting


Sgt Allan Philip, Sussex Police, was in attendance at the annual parish meeting. He circulated crime figures for Lindfield and Lindfield Rural, confirming that Lindfield is a very safe area in which to live.

Crime figures for Lindfield & Lindfield Rural are:


Lindfield 95

49 - Other theft 11

28A - Burglary in a Dwelling 9

58C - Criminal damage to a vehicle 9

105A - Assault without injury 8

8L - Harassment 7

8N - Assault with Injury 7

9A - Public fear, alarm or distress 6

46 - Theft from a shop 5

58D - Other criminal damage 5

92D - Possession of controlled drugs (excluding cannabis) 4

45 - Theft from a vehicle 4

30A - Burglary in a Building other than a Dwelling 3

92E - Possession of controlled drugs (cannabis) 2

58A - Criminal damage to a dwelling 2

44 - Theft or unlawful taking of a pedal cycle 1

36 - Kidnapping 1

92A - Trafficking in controlled drugs 1

28B - Attempted Burglary in a Dwelling 1

56B - Arson not endangering life 1

20A - Sexual assault on a female aged 13 or over 1

8P - Racially or Religiously Aggravated Assault with Injury 1

40 - Theft in a dwelling other than from an automatic machine or meter 1

28C - Distraction Burglary in a Dwelling 1

59 - Threat or possession with intent to commit criminal damage 1

19C - Rape of a female aged 16 and over 1

88E - Exposure and voyeurism 1

41 - Theft by an employee 1

Lindfield Rural 62

45 - Theft from a vehicle 8

8N - Assault with Injury 7

30A - Burglary in a Building other than a Dwelling 7

105A - Assault without injury 6

49 - Other theft 6

99 - Other indictable or triable either way offences 5

92E - Possession of controlled drugs (cannabis) 4

28A - Burglary in a Dwelling 4

9A - Public fear, alarm or distress 4

58C - Criminal damage to a vehicle 3

49A - Making Off Without Payment 2

44 - Theft or unlawful taking of a pedal cycle 1

28B - Attempted Burglary in a Dwelling 1

58A - Criminal damage to a dwelling 1

5D - Wounding - offence 5/1, 5/6,5/27 only 1

58D - Other criminal damage 1

105B - Racially or religiously aggravated assault without injury 1