09/06/2017 - Mid Sussex District Council Press Release: Election results for Mid Sussex Constituency

Sir Nicholas Soames retains his seat as the elected Parliamentary Member for the Mid Sussex Constituency following the result of the General Election on 8th June.

The General Election results for the Mid Sussex Constituency are as follows:


Sir Nicholas Soames (Conservative Party) 35082 votes Elected

Greg Mountain (Labour Party) 15409 votes

Sarah Jane Osborne (Liberal Democrat Party) 7855 votes

Chris Jeremy (Green Party) 1571 votes

Toby Brothers (UK Independence Party) 1251 votes

Baron Von Thunderclap (Official Monster Raving Loony Party) 464 votes


On Election Day (8 June 2017), there were 69 polling stations in the Mid Sussex District, which were open all day from 7am -10pm. The total number of people eligible to vote in the Mid Sussex Constituency was 84,685 and the turnout was 73.3%.


Full election result details are also available on the Mid Sussex District Council website at